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About Our Atlanta Digital Marketing Team

Our mission and passion is to drive growth for Atlanta businesses. We aspire to be your all-in-one marketing expert, storyteller, lead generator, designer, and friend - the team that puts all of our skills to work for you and your customer’s needs. Ask us how we refer to ourselves and we will say, digital story-tellers and builders, bringing businesses to life on the web sphere through visually stunning narratives. With the industry know-how, our extraordinary team of creative minds and skilled tacticians will level up your business.

downtown atlanta
where we came from

About Lazarus Atlanta

We started as a website design agency with a passion for bringing Atlanta brands back to life! Lazarus Design Team is heading towards an exciting future having experience bringing whole businesses back to life and making them leaders in their market. We are prepared to do it again and again in as many industries we can. Tired of feeling lost in the digital space? We are up to the challenge to help you build your business from the ground up, starting with impressive design.

Our Crew
of Creative Innovators

We prioritize simplicity and beauty in all of our design. Our team collaborates to craft impressive and clear design that not only brings customers to your front door, but will compel them to take action.

This is our squad of talented creatives, brilliant visionaries, and masterful communicators, that represent the diverse toolkit of technical skills we offer. Having team members with MBAs, award-winning work and entrepreneurial experience allows us to provide premier services in a kaleidoscope of digital platforms.

We help you dream and fashion a brand you are proud to call your own.


Brennen Smith

Brennen leads our marketing teams to make sure they’re getting clear results and delivering the best marketing campaigns for our clients.


Jonathan Carpenter

With a background in international business and entrepreneurship, Jonathan brings a holistic view of marketing and design to clients. It all starts with a unique story.

Team Manager & Lead Designer

Madison Carter

Madison loves to see a company come alive through good design. Her experience ranges from print and pattern design to branding, websites and social media.

Account Manager

Hannah Chillag

When it comes to client communication, Hannah provides the TLC. She's a people person who will ensure clients' wishes and wants are properly relayed and then make sure they get accomplished.

Account Manager

Juliet Rath

Juliet believes fluff words are unnecessary and prefers getting straight-to-the-point. Here’s her bio: she does marketing.

Project Manager

Casey Hare

A jack of all trades, Casey is a creative thinker who works across our teams to support our clients on different projects.

Lead Developer

Scott Hartley

Our resident tech wizard who specializes in website programming and is fluent in HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript.

Marketing Associate

Anneke Vander Horst

Anneke applies her passion for creativity and experience in entrepreneurship to creating winning content for our digital marketing clients.

UI/UX Designer

Miguel Rodriquez

Miguel is our lead UI/UX designer. Every element on your website is laid out and planned ahead of time by him.

Fb & Google Ads Specialist

Melissa Furr

Sergio is our in-house Facebook & Google ads expert, implementing campaigns so that they perform at their peak.