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Simplify SEO for Your Website by Getting Real Results You Understand

Our Atlanta SEO services will get your website on the 1st page of Google and other search engines.

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What in the World Is SEO?

Well first, you must understand the acronym. SEO stands for "search engine optimization". When people are searching for an answer, they head to Google. Google wants to present the best information to those searching. SEO is about appearing at the top of all of the results. With that comes great power to grow your business.

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SEO Services in Atlanta, GA

What is SEO?

SEO services, especially in Atlanta, are supposed to make your website stand out from your competitor’s on search engines like Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of diving into each webpage on your website to make sure it contains content that is relevant to what people are searching for. Search engines like Google are smart enough to know if your website has relevant content or not, so if your webpage is not bringing value to potential customers, Google won’t show your website on the search results.

However, let’s say you have some relevant information for Atlanta residents on your website - what happens then? Google will determine that you can appear on their search engine, but maybe on the 2nd, 3rd, or worse, 4th page of Google. But you know what they say, the best place to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of Google. Why you may ask? When was the last time you clicked that 2nd page? Probably never.

Google's Methodology

Want to know what matters most to Google? Content that’s relevant to your audience. It’s no longer acceptable to just stuff some keywords on your webpage and hope that it will appear on the top page of the search results. Oftentimes, big SEO firms will promise results, but won’t take the time to create content that is relevant because they just don’t have the time to get to know your audience.
That’s why we specialize in SEO services for Atlanta companies because we get to know your audience. So, when we add content to your website, Google will recognize it as relevant content.

What’s Unique About Atlanta SEO?

Did you know Atlanta is the 9th largest city in the United States? You might be wondering how that’s relevant to you. Well, it’s relevant because it means your company is competing against 150,000 businesses on Google trying to get the attention of approximately 6 million people in the Atlanta metropolitan area. As a result, SEO isn’t a choice for businesses trying to get the top spot on Google, it’s a necessity. Lazarus Atlanta is here to help, so you can focus on creating relationships with your customers while we do the SEO heavy lifting.
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Atlanta SEO Service Packages
That Lazarus Atlanta Offers

Ready to get your website ranking on the 1st page of Google? Good, because we are too! We love to see meaningful results for Atlanta businesses. It’s our passion, but also our job! We’ve crafted a few different strategies and packages based on what we’ve seen work, so they’re tried and true! Let us know which one resonates with you and we’ll get you started right away! SEO optimization here we come.

Level 1

For small local business
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • NAP Syndication
  • Citation Building
  • Updating Pages & Schema Integration
  • Classified Submissions
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Local Atlanta SEO

We start making an SEO impact for your website by confirming your business information is accurate across all search engine online platforms. Yes - every single one. It’s a process that most people forget, but just because you don’t use Yahoo or Bing, doesn’t mean your target audience doesn’t. We’ll make sure they can find you, no matter what search engine they use. After that, we tweak, analyze, and adjust strategy for your Google My Business profile every month to make sure you’re getting more and more traffic to your website.

Level 2

For growing business
  • Everything in Local SEO plus...
  • Onpage Optimization
  • Page Title Optimization
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • Internal Link Review
  • Image Alt Tag Optimization
  • URL Optimization
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Atlanta Breakthrough SEO

If you’re trying to dominate the local Atlanta space for your business, then this is the SEO service package for you! Not only will we build on the Local SEO foundation stated above, we will crank up the heat to ensure every webpage on your site is SEO optimized. This starts with an audit to see what SEO you currently have, if any (and it’s okay if you don’t have any), run site speed tests, and strategize goals for the upcoming months to ensure growth for your business. We research the Atlanta market to find what your target audience is searching for to find queries relevant to your industry, all while getting to know the ins and outs of your business.

Level 3

For aggressive businesses
  • Everything in Local and Breakthrough SEO plus...
  • Content Creation
  • 2 Keyword-rich blog posts per month
  • Structured Data Check
  • .xml Sitemap Check
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Development for Authority Building
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The ultimate seo package

Atlanta Market Leader SEO

With our Atlanta SEO Market Leader package, we take your website and run our complete SEO audit and immediately begin making changes to each page until it’s optimized for search engines. Then, we build on the foundation by adjusting the content on each page to be tailored specifically for what your target audience is searching for. Then, we create new web pages for you through relevant, SEO heavy blogs that will drive more traffic to your website, increasing your chances of being seen and closing leads. With the content we create, you have full liberty to use it as you see fit in your monthly newsletters, social media platforms, and any other sort of marketing material - free of charge! Lazarus Atlanta will work efficiently to get you clear results that you will understand, so you can see your ROI increase right before your eyes.

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Atlanta business owners have come to us with similar predicaments. They have a stellar business but don’t know how to effectively communicate how great their business really is. Paid advertising solves that problem and solves it quickly.

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Our Winning Atlanta SEO Strategy

Ready to get your website ranking on the 1st page of Google? Great, because we are too! We love seeing meaningful results for Atlanta businesses. It's our passion, but also our job! We've created a few different strategies and packages based on what we've seen work, so they're tried and true! Let us know which one resonates with you, and we'll get you started right away! SEO optimization, here we come.

Local SEO

No matter how large or small your business is, it’s important to show up on Google locally. Meaning, if someone lives in your area, you want to make sure they can find you on Google easily. When someone searches for the service you offer, they may type “near me.” When they do this, Google uses their electronic device’s GPS through satellites to determine where they’re located, so Google can provide the most accurate results for the search. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your NAP, also known as, your Name, Address and Phone Number, is correct across all search engines and online platforms. Lazarus Atlanta uses software to ensure your business information is consistent and your website is optimized for those local service searches.

Google Business Profile (AKA GMB) Optimization

Some say your Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business, is more important than your website. This is because your Google Profile is often times the first thing your target audience sees before even getting to your website. That means, if your Google Profile isn’t constantly updated, you have a lower chance of appearing on Google search results or closing a sale because your information is outdated. Lazarus Atlanta realizes how important your GBP is, so when you partner with us, not only will we update it every month, we will look for opportunities to improve it which helps us stay up-to-date on all of Google’s updates and changes. It’s Google’s goal to keep people on their website, which is why the search engine provides most of the information a searcher needs right on the Google search results page. All that to say, you want to make sure your GBP is optimized.

Content Writing

Any successful SEO strategy needs to include some form of copywriting. This ensures new content is being produced by your company. If your website and Google Profile are kept up-to-date with consistent additional content, then it makes your business look good to Google and potential customers. More content equals a higher chance of “ranking” for optimized keywords that will deliver more sales. It also builds credibility by positioning your brand’s voice as a thought provoking leader in your field. On top of writing for your Google Profile, Lazarus Atlanta produces additional copy for your webpages and unique blogs. Crafted content is the way to stand out among your competitors.

Link Building

Link building is a strategy that looks outside of your website. It’s essential to have a website optimized for SEO, but to take it to the next level, you have to increase your backlinks. This is when your web page URLs are located on other websites. This is also known as referral links, which mean that another website is referring your website to their web visitors. Google really favors websites that have lots of backlinks or referrals, because it means your website is credible enough for other businesses to point to it. This is important to the Google algorithm because its number one goal is to show the most informative and robust content to its users, improving your visibility and social proof.

Technical SEO

To optimize your website for SEO, it's important to consider the technical aspects as well. Technical SEO includes factors such as your site's loading speed and its ability to be easily read by search engines like Google. At Lazarus Atlanta, we use various tools and techniques to improve your website's technical SEO, including optimizing site speed and organizing content in a way that's easily understood by Google. By ensuring that your website is technically optimized, you can improve its overall health and rank on search engines.

Franchise SEO

If your business has multiple locations, you want to ensure the right people in the right locations see and hear about your business. However, you don’t want someone living in Atlanta, Georgia, thinking your company is only housed in San Francisco, California, if you have an Atlanta location too. There are structurally digital steps and requirements for searches to find your franchises and our Atlanta SEO experts will ensure that can happen for them easily.

Keyword Research

The foundation of any successful Atlanta SEO strategy is a well-researched keyword campaign. Meaning, you find out what types of words people are typing in Google, or any search engine, to find the services your business offers. At the initial search, your target market may not know your business exists, or that it offers the services they’re looking for, but because you know what words they’re searching for, you’re able to create content that appeals to them. Then, when searchers are ready to purchase your services, you already have content on your web pages that Google will show in the search results. Lazarus Atlanta understands that it’s all about strategy and knowing your audience and we put that first before any SEO work even begins.


After getting to know your ideal customer and their wants and desires, Lazarus Atlanta facilitates an on-page SEO strategy. On-page SEO work is SEO work on your web pages. Not one web page on your website will go untouched because it’s essential to building your website’s credibility to all search engines. By adding content that targets the keywords your target audience is searching for, your business becomes a thought-provoking leader and is far more likely than your Atlanta competitors to rank on the top three search results. The higher your web page appears on search engines like Google, the higher chance you have of closing more deals and making more money for your business.

Why Choose Lazarus Atlanta To Do Your SEO

We’ve been in this industry for over a decade and have been with Google for all its ups and downs, updates, changes, and curve balls. We understand this industry and are honored to say we have built the reputation that precedes us. We work hard to create a winning SEO strategy for your Atlanta business, because at the end of the day, we know SEO can bring you more business overnight. We love to see local Atlanta businesses thrive and flourish and we’ve found a great way to do that is through optimizing your website for search engines like Google. SEO is a marketing strategy that takes a lot of work on the front end, but once set up correctly, can bring you leads while you’re sleeping. Partner with us, and watch your website results grow.


We Don't
Require Contracts

You read that right. We don’t require you to sign a monthly or yearly contract with us because if we aren’t providing your business with more results, then we don’t feel you should be stuck in a contract that binds you. Our goal, better yet, our job is to get more website visitors for your Atlanta business. That’s your and our bottom line. We do this through the power of SEO, but we don’t want you pressured to stay with Lazarus Atlanta if you aren’t seeing the fruit of our labor. With any SEO strategy, results aren’t immediate, it takes time for Google to read your site and determine if it’s worthy of ranking on the first page of Google, but if our hard work is paying off, then you will see your website on Google in just a couple of months.

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When You Have Great SEO, the Results Will Follow

We recommend waiting at least 3-months to see the true progress and power an awesome SEO strategy can have for your website. After some time, you'll see your Google Search Clicks, Impressions, and Organic Traffic increase!

Google Search Clicks

Increase in organic traffic


In just 6 months

Organic Traffic

Over a year


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a great way to take any website to the next level through copy and media that targets your ideal customer’s intentions. To put it simply, it’s how you get your website to show up on Google search results.

Yes, it most definitely does. Our goal is to see your Atlanta business thrive with SEO services.  You’ve created a beautiful website but you’re not seeing the return on investment that you thought you would. It’s hard to hear, but a beautiful website alone doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s why Lazarus Atlanta is here.

It all depends on how competitive the market is that you’re trying to enter. However, with any market, it takes time. A lot of research, work, and effort goes into the front end of any SEO strategy, so you have to be willing to let it work its magic for a time, but then the results will start rolling in.


Our biggest strategy is Google. In fact, Google has 3.5 billion searches every day, as a result, so we put the emphasis where the most people are at, knowing your target audience is there too.