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Paid Advertising Agency in Atlanta for Local Businesses

We are the top Atlanta PPC management agency that utilizes award-winning design and advertising expertise to position your business strategically in front of your target audience.

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How do PPC ads work?

PPC (pay-per-click) ads are a quick way to promote your business to a larger audience. However, you have to pay for each click on your ad. Our team specializes in two specific platforms: Google (including YouTube) and Facebook (including Instagram). We use award-winning design and advertising expertise to position your business strategically in front of your audience.


Google Ads

It's all a matter of showing up at the top of a page when a prospective customer enters a search query into the search box. 75% of folks never scroll past the first page of Google which is why advertising here has such a big and immediate impact.

Facebook Ads

You customize your audience and then your ad is only viewed by those particular people. Now, a key point to remember when doing any PPC in Atlanta or elsewhere... If there is a lot of competition in your market, ads will be more expensive. However, the gain will be incredible.

How Do Ads
Benefit You?

The short answer: they pay off! Do you want to generate quality leads for your business quickly? If so, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a valuable investment. While search engine optimization (SEO) is another option for growing your business on Google, it requires long-term time and effort rather than money. Both SEO and PPC require expertise to be effective. At Lazarus Atlanta, we specialize in crafting effective PPC ads for Google and Facebook that will bring visitors to your door and convert them into loyal customers.

If you're serious about growing your business in Atlanta and getting more loyal customers, paid advertising will heat things up for you, and quickly! Lazarus Atlanta is here to help you craft ads that stand out, bring visitors to your door, and convert them to customers.

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Paid advertising is the solution for already outstanding Atlanta business that are in need of crafting clear communication that describes how helpful their products or services are. We know how to work with you to find the best solution through paid advertising.

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Where Should I Launch Ads?
On Google or Facebook?

We recommend answering this question before starting to utilize paid advertising because the answer may be both. It will depend on what your Atlanta business is offering and who you are offering it to.

Text-Based Ads

You have a few options… Google ads are entirely text-based and can show up at the top or the bottom of the results page. Facebook ads are more customizable. You can add engaging visuals in addition to text.

What Do You Offer?

If you sell consumer goods or services that are more affordable and social-related, then running ads on Facebook may be the best. If it is generally a less affordable offer, Google makes more sense.

Twice the Fun

On average it takes around 5-7 times for a person to see your to brand name for them to recognize it. A potential customer is much more likely to convert when they see your name on both Facebook and Google rather than just one.

How Much
Is Too Much?

Before we can recommend a budget for your PPC advertising efforts, we need to understand your growth goals and how they align with your industry, target audience, and business model. This is because ad spending should be strategic and requires monitoring results and refining the content. As a general guideline, we recommend a budget of $750-$1,000 per month when starting out with PPC advertising. This amount will likely provide enough resources to see a significant impact, but keep in mind that every business is unique and your specific budget may vary based on your goals and target audience.


When Can You Expect to See results?

Planning and building a strategy that will generate the results you want will take some time and patience. From what we generally see, it's best to give the partnership at least three full months to see consistent results in return. Past that, we can confidently say our clients rave about the growth they experience.

Pipeline Value

For 1 client, we built a huge pipeline from Facebook & Google ads.

Ad Spend

Managed ad spend.


Generated from paid ads.


We focus on building and monitoring one Facebook ad campaign per month with the goal of growing your business. Our role is to create engaging copy that grabs your audience’s attention, put together visual content that inspires action, and lastly to ensure your ads is made to reach your customers where they are within the strategic parameters we set.

The plan we implement for Google ads, similar to Facebook, involves prioritizing a singular campaign for one month. Our strategy for Google ads is using our expertise to devise the most irresistible headlines and offers to communicate what you can do and why your customers should care.